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Twelve Big Reasons to Join the VFW

  • Service Officer assistance in filing claims if you need hospital care, educational, pension or other benefits.
  • VFW National Legislative Service that works to protect and extend veterans entitlements.
  • Participation in VFW Patriotic, Community Service and Youth Activity programs.
  • Leadership opportunities on the local, state and National levels.
  • A strong commitment to the National Defense and Security of the United States.
  • Free admission of your children to the VFW National Home in the event of your death or disability.
  • Receiving the VFW Magazine, and in most cases a State VFW newspaper, which keeps you informed on matters pertaining to veterans and other current affairs.
  • Multiple Insurance plans sponsored by the VFW including our $1,000 Personal Accident Protection offered to all VFW members in good standing.
  • VFW Approved Prescription Drug and Vitamin Program.
  • Newest Member Benefits . . . Discounted Merchandise Buying Program and VFW Travel Services.
  • Social functions at the Post Home (if applicable).
  • An opportunity for your wife or other female relatives to join the Ladies Auxiliary (if applicable).

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